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Introducing Caribbean Gold premium teas, with seven original, flavoursome, natural blends to choose from that will appeal to every taste. Our teas are available worldwide and offer an unbelievable taste of the exotic.

Caribbean Gold's fantastic range of flavoursome teas can also help to promote your well being. We only use the very best, premium herbs and spices that can assist in all manner of health dilemmas, all the way from the West Indies to tantalise your taste buds with the most exotic and colourful flavours. Our teas are bursting with vitamins a

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Mango & Lychee

Carribbean Fruit & Herbal Tea

Take one of the regal fruits of the Caribbean, the mango, and combine it with the lychee, a fruit associated first and foremost with the Orient and the result is a delicious tea that will leave you wanting more. It has a full-bodied sweetness and succulent aftertaste that hits you from the first drop until the last.

However there is much more to the mango besides, as it has been proven that the fruit can effectively unclog blocked pores to improve the skin and also facilitate good digestion, which is an essential part of everyday health. Without the proper management of food intake throughout the body the function of the intestine may be compromised which could lead to detrimental effects in the long term. Substances that are gentle on the stomach, such as this tea, can have a wholly beneficial outcome.

The lychee, on the other hand, is also a sweet 'super fruit' that can be very good for the stomach if one has overindulged in some way. More generally it can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve the flow of blood around the body.

Like the mango the lychee is rich in vitamin C that can enable you to build up resistance in the middle of a testing winter. Kind to the taste buds as well the body our lychee mango tea is a perfect way to put some sweet and healthy sunshine into your life. Hence the combination of the two fruits is really intended to safeguard against the aliments that can lay low even the hardiest of souls without resorting to a form of 'hard medicine' that is likely to bring a frown rather than a smile.

In any case the entire composition of the mango/lychee tea fosters well-being. In addition to the two central ingredients there is rosehip and hibiscus, which are known for their positive qualities, and lemon verbena, in particular, is known to reduce joint pain and combat everyday stress. As for orange peel it improves oral health and improve overall cardiac function.


Ginger, Honey, Banana, Cinnamon & Vanilla

Carribbean Fruit & Herbal Tea

Golden ingredients are combined to produce one of the most subtle and refined blends in our series. The flavours slowly emerge so as not to overwhelm the palate while the full benefits of the fruit and liquid are felt in due course. Honey is well known for its soothing effect on both the throat and sinuses, and has always been a much-desired alternative to sugar, though there is more to the beloved nectar than a sweet taste on the tongue.

Among its wide range of recognized health benefits is the significant relief that it brings to those unfortunate enough to suffer from hay fever, a complaint that is widespread and notoriously hard to treat. Furthermore, the low water content of honey can impede the growth of the kind of troublesome microorganisms that do us much more harm than good. Keeping these potential parasites away from the joints and bloodstream can be greatly beneficial to anybody who is keen to maintain overall energy levels, particularly if they lead a busy personal or professional life.

As for Ginger, Honey, Vanilla, Cinnamon Banana it is easy to digest and, according to several recent studies, it is thought to have properties that can decisively combat abnormal cells in the bloodstream and potentially assist the body in the all-important fight against common illnesses. Also included in the blend is the Ta herb, which is highly sought after by lovers of natural tea, as it helps to restore the overall balance of nutrients in the body. As far as the taste buds are concerned there is plenty of 'kick' to be gained from the range of spices used in the blend - ginger and cinnamon as well as hot ginger.

While the characteristics of each ingredient are invaluable it is the seamless way the flavours are infused that makes this a tea to be savoured. The fact that the beverage also has medicinal effects without any bitter taste is surely a reason to be cheerful.


Lemon, Lime & Pineapple

Carribbean Fruit & Herbal Tea

Freshen up with this dynamic 'three way' citrus explosion that tastes as good as one might expect and also, if you are deprived of the Caribbean sunshine in the middle of winter, helps to shore up your defences by giving a substantial vitamin C boost.

All three fruits can significantly facilitate the absorption of iron into the body and thus increase your strength. But lime, in particular, can also improve well being because of its potent soothing properties, above all an ability to reduce the intensity of headaches and provide much needed relief for anybody suffering from other minor complaints such as catarrh and generally raise energy levels when one is run down.

Lemon works in a similar way and is tremendously effective in clearing a blocked nose, sore throat and the general feeling of stuffiness that often accompanies the worst of cases of flu. Needless to say the freshness and zest that are associated with the fruit act can act as a boost to any flagging spirit, particularly in the midst of a particularly sharp drop in temperature during the arduous winter months.

However, even if one doesn't use this tea as a tonic it provides an absolutely gorgeous blend of flavours that is guaranteed to put a very big smile on your face. Together the three fruits create an intense tingling sensation that lingers long after the last sip. What makes the tea very appealing is the natural zest of the citrus, so bright and sharp it is guaranteed to pep you up in those moments when you feel the need for a little lift. In addition to the central ingredients there are green tea fannings, which count towards the recommended daily intake of greens as well as bringing a distinct smoothness to the flavour of the blend. A delight in more ways than one.


Coconut & Pineapple

Carribbean Fruit & Herbal Tea

Two tropical fruits that are synonymous with the Caribbean are brought together to produce a tea that is both delicious and nutritious. Each ingredient has an enticingly tangy aroma that makes the tea a kind of 'hot cocktail.' Coconut is part of the staple diet people all over the Caribbean, where the fruit is prized for its protein rich and jelly and water that has a tonic-like quality. Pineapple also has a very wide range of notable benefits. Chief among them is the high vitamin C content that enhances the immune system all the while proving to be both energizing and refreshing.

Even more impressive is the fact that pineapple is rich in bromelain, the enzyme that helps to reduce the kind of painful swelling of the joints that is often a result of the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, a very common ailment, particularly in older people.

This blend is thus recommended for anybody who wants to keep supple and maybe needs something restorative for the body if they partake of fairly strenuous, high impact activities such as athletics, football or rugby.

Hence those who have sadly suffered any long-term sports injuries or are simply entering that time of life when the limbs are liable to ache a little more may find themselves significantly buoyed by this tea. Immensely popular in both food and drink pineapple has a generally positive impact on the body, and acts as an informal but highly effective agent of good skin care.

Let's not forget that its sweet but light taste can significantly combat a tickly cough and bring much needed relief to the kind of sore throat and general oral irritation that often besets people during a harsh winter. Our coconut and pineapple tea is thus as much a 'comfort drink' as it is a pick-me-up that will fully revive any flagging spirit.


Almonds, Nutmeg & Cinnamon

Carribbean Fruit & Herbal Tea

AAlthough consumed first and foremost in its natural nut form almond can be ground down to make a tea whose aroma is distinctively understated. We have added nutmeg and cinnamon, two classic spices that are immensely popular in West Indian cuisine, particularly confectionery and desserts, to bring a perceptible touch of sweetness to the mix.

The aftertaste works its way into all the senses slowly but surely and a marvelous flavour lingers in the air without being in the slightest bit overpowering. Almond is one of the healthiest nuts imaginable and has been used the world over in both sweet and savoury snacks and cakes. There is a particularly sensual aroma that pervades this blend due to the use of roasted almond, which infuses the blend with an even more delicious stimulus for the palate. This is further enhanced by the presence of blackberry leaves rooibos and hibiscus, an absolutely thrilling combination that again provides a mixture of aromas that is distinctive all the while retaining great subtlety.

These days, almond is increasingly processed into both oil and milk, but when made into a tea the nut retains the strong dietary fibre that makes it a highly effective food supplement that is analogous to several prized fruits and vegetables. Nutmeg and cinnamon both provide a strong, vivid contrast to the almond.

Cinnamon, in particular, has been recommended by health practitioners as a superlative agent for weight loss, above all because it fosters good digestion and sits well on the stomach, precluding the need to eat more often than one should. It also helps maintain the general health of the intestine and raises physical and mental energy levels, in particular concentration and overall alertness. So this is the tea that will satisfy your taste bids and focus your mind in a single hit.


Moringa, Sour Sop & Ginger

Carribbean Fruit & Herbal Tea

As far as teas go these are the dazzling jewels of the Caribbean! This hearty combination of ingredients celebrates tradition in no uncertain terms. When mixed together moringa, sour sop and ginger create an absolutely heavenly aroma that is sufficiently hot and spicy to rouse anybody whose energy levels are dipping. Indeed the dual sensation of the tea's sharp smell, which is a bit like a 'sweet pepper', and its silky taste, makes it one of the real highlights of our series.

Moringa is a rich source of nutrition and vitamins such as potassium, beta-carotene and iron. Among a range of benefits it provides is a significant improvement of one's eyesight as well as joints.

As for sour sop, the fruit from the evergreen tree with its distinctive broadleaf, it features in a wide range of food and drink, from ice cream to cordials, that is very much part of the staple diet of the West Indian household. We have taken care to use sour sop liquid as well as granules in order to bring as much of its unique taste to our blend as possible.

It has been used for centuries, both in the region and also throughout Latin America, as a means of strengthening the immune system and helping the body stave off a whole range of infections. Furthermore, it has also proved to be a means of countering depression and mild nervous disorders, so it is no surprise that this tea definitely has a high 'feel good' factor. Ginger further enhances the flavour, infusing a bittersweet character that simply makes the blend all the more irresistible.


Green Tea, Ginseng, Honey & Lemon

Carribbean Fruit & Herbal Tea

A striking combination of flavours that is smooth and mellow, and has been chosen with great care to be easy on the taste buds and still provide a mild kick. A well-known aid to relaxation green tea is an immensely popular herbal beverage in Europe but we have given it a unique new lease of life by infusing it with the zest of lemon and the tang of honey, two golden ingredients that bring a decided sweetness to the blend as well as greatly upping the Vitamin C content.

Ginseng gives the taste buds yet another source of stimulus but, crucially, brings to the tea one of the most celebrated forms of medicinal herb to be found in the Orient. Over the millennia it has been used to treat a whole range of health problems, anything from depression and nausea to vomiting and basic chest complaints.

Whether or not a medical condition can be alleviated by ginseng it is generally seen as an essential substance to enable the stressed individual to achieve a certain well-being, and the herb is thought to be one of the timeless 'old school' remedies that successive generations, from grandparents to their grandchildren, would swear by. Hence our imaginative blend of ingredients creates an ideal beverage that will restore calm to the busiest of lives as well as giving the senses a wonderful experience through a unique taste and texture.